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Get the right prices.
Send the right prices.

Drag-and-drop dispatch.
Instant delivery confirmation.
All paperless.

Track every tank.
Fulfill every work order.

Sales Efforts and Pipelines.

Primary users

Dispatchers, Salespeople

Dispatchers, Drivers

Customer Service and Maintenance Team


Secondary users

Sales Managers

Salespeople, Executives


Sales Managers, Executives

Integration and Communication

FTP sites for DTN and OPIS

Back office accounting system to retrieve sales orders

Back office accounting system to retrieve data for equipment ROI

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RowLogic creates software solutions ranging from data integration and business analytics to web apps and mobile apps. We understand the complexity of having different systems communicate with each other so that data is not wasted and processes are as efficient as possible. Since 1991, we have been improving communication, processes, and analytics for petroleum marketers. We are here to help.